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I've had a long time attraction to kaleidoscopes, geometric and symmetrical patterns, and colors in their infinite variety of combinations.  Spiced Art Studio evolved from a passion to "Spice Up" our normal views of the world....and to just have fun in creating art works from the limitless ways of arranging and manipulating pieces of imagery and patterns.

The Earth Energy mandalas came about when I discovered the beautiful imagery captured by remote sensing satellites and enhanced by employees of NASA and the US Geological Survey (USGS). I wondered how these already stunning images would appear under a virtual kaleidoscopic lens. You can see the results as you journey through the website. I do hope you will enjoy your visit.

Remote sensing images are not photographs. Special sensors on satellites and aircraft capture the sun's reflected energy coming from the earth's surface and measure the intensity of the light waves, both visible and invisible, such as infrared and ultraviolet. (some sensors record reflected radar or microwaves).

The various energy bands recorded are then typically assigned a a primary color, such as Red, Blue or Green and the resulting false color RGB composite is created by combining the primary colors. So vegetation, which normally appears green to the human eye, may appear bright red, blue or purple.....whatever we want. Thus, in a sense, we can manipulate or fashion the earth's energy signatures into a near infinite panorama of breathtaking and intriguing imagery where we find patterns within patterns.....colors within colors......

(Of course, scientists use remote sensing data for other uses, such as determining environmental conditions, predicting weather patterns, finding ancient archeological sites and formations, spotting fires through cloud cover, and many other important uses.)

Many of the Earth Energy wallpapers you'll find in my galleries are tiled patterns derived from the energy mandala images.

Other digitial designs, tile patterns and wallpapers have been developed over the past 15 years and are being published for the first time. I hope you enjoy the galleries.

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